Our passion is working with early stage technologies; we help push them out of a conceptual stage and into a product that can improve people’s lives. We approach this mission from two avenues, both of which leverage our experience and expertise in diagnostics and drug development and in crafting and receiving federal grants. One, we identify technologies at major universities that have the potential for commercialization and then work in collaboration with the inventor to advance the technology to the point where it is attractive to larger investment from corporate and/or venture capitalist partners. Two, we work with other small businesses to increase the value of their technology by evaluating market opportunities, providing additional scientific experts and consultants and/or helping them to apply for and receive SBIR/STTR grants.

Each collaboration is unique but the value that VBD can provide includes:

  • Internal and external scientists/consultants to provide expertise and hands-on research.
  • Access to the federal funds set aside for SBIR/STTR grants, which are a source of non-dilutive funds, typically have higher paylines than traditional R01 grants, and provide feedback on the technology and direction from scientific leaders within the field.
    • For technologies within universities, VBD has the infrastructure in place to apply for and administer grants so an inventor does not need to start a new business on unproven technology. Promising technologies are typically spun out into new companies.
    • For small businesses, we assist in preparing, writing, and applying for SBIR/STTR grants.
  • Independent evaluation of technology and markets.
  • Creating a pipeline for moving technology out of the university and into the marketplace.
  • Experience with a broad range of technologies and collaborators